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Schedule for baby

Snuggle in the crib
Snuggle in the crib

I am not sure we can have a schedule for twins from birth to 3 months old… I might be wrong but for us we couldn’t!
I remembered at the beginning for about 2 weeks after birth, the girls were sleeping so much I find myself wondering why other new mommies seem so tired. It was good the girls were also eating every 3 hours!
And then when Andrew went back to work, everything suddenly changed.
It was all over the map… I can say it is still like this but it’s getting better!
My girls like catnap so they don’t sleep yet for 2-3hours during the day! They are very much on a schedule for eating! Oh for sure these girls will not forget to eat!! It’s like they have a clock in their head! It’s not 3 hours anymore 🙁 but it’s every 2 hours and sometimes it’s even 1h30
My biggest challenge is to make them sleep at the same time… It’s often not possible because as I said in previous posts they don’t sleep at the same time! One girl awake during the other one sleep and vis versa! So sometimes I am taking my shower at 4pm!! It’s more rare now they are 3 months old because they can entertain themselves for 10-15 minutes!!!

Hand to hand
Hand to hand

Also, as everybody knows, most newborn babies are extra fussy for a few hours in the evening, often from 6:00 – 10pm. This is known as the “witching hour.”
This period (the first 6 weeks I will say) wasn’t too too difficult! They never really cried but I was feeding them over and over until they passed out on us! So Andrew and I had one baby on us on the sofa and many times I was falling asleep with them on the sofa!

It was a rough time for everybody (and for Mateo especially!).
Between 6 weeks to 2 months, I decided to try something else so we don’t have them sleeping on us anymore! I remembered Mateo used to go to bed at 6:30pm and I’m like they might be the same!!!
And it worked! At 6:30pm they are in bed! We might need to go few times because one is still a little fussy but I think it’s because of a burp! They still have some burps going out…
But they are on schedule for bedtime! It’s like if they are not in pj by 6:15pm, they let us know by crying!! It’s funny how babies are sensitive for schedules! But between you and me I think it is important! I can see even for Mateo at 2.5 years old! He was always going at 6:30 and then we moved it slowly to 7pm and now it’s 7:30pm! But he sleeps all night without any problem! I really notice that when we have some exceptions, we pay for it later by more whining, more cries… I can’t really say tantrum because Mateo doesn’t do them a lot! The only time we had tantrum over tantrum is when we brought the girls at home!
So schedule for the girls is very important. We don’t have routine yet… We don’t bathe them every night yet… I’m wondering how we are going to do it… It’s going to be tough to do a routine for three children! We will see a little later (but it will be soon!!).

I’m planning to start a schedule for the day at the 3.5-4 month mark. I will put them in their crib for nap. I know it’s going to be tough at the beginning but I will try to do it like this! We will see! I will let you know!!!
For now I let them fall asleep when they want, where they are! (Swing, bouncer, sofa, me…)
But girls… it’s going to change soon!!