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Sick Babies

When you have twins and one gets sick you are sure the second one will get sick too… So time is multiplied by two…

My girls have a gastro… It’s been more than a week now.

Resting on mommy!
Resting on mommy!

The strange thing is that they don’t have fever at all and they are both smiling when I change them or play with them!

But they both poo like crazy! It started with Maeva and even she still has it, it is less than before… But it’s now Miya’s turn and that worriedworried me a little more because I feel she has lost weight… She was already
1lbs but now I’m afraid it’s more…

I went to see the doctor and she said they are fighting it but Whaouu I feel it’s a long time.

So my days are breastfeed, breastfeed and breastfeed again because I don’t want them dehydrated which can happen very fast with small babies!

Today was the first day that they slept a lot…

I’m not worried too much but more concern and I’m still wondering if it is really a gastro because I feel it’s been too long now… Especialy since I’m breastfeeding them I should be able to give them some antibody…




I really hope there is nothing wrong with them.

A part of me wants to go to the hospital to get check but another part is saying “ya you are the mom who worries too much”.

So I’m not going yet but I will if it doesn’t get better soon.

I am surprised Mateo didn’t get it yet… And I really hope Mateo or us (Andrew and I) will not get it because we will not finish it!!!



So my advice when your baby gets sick:

– wash your hands very often especially when you go to the washroom
– clean the changing table each time you change them.
– wash your hands very often
– give them often some liquid (breastfeed, formula, water or juice for older…)
– wash your hands very often!
– avoid dairy for the time being (it’s what the doctor recommends)
– wash your hand very often!
-avoid to go out and contaminates others
– oh did I tell you to wash your hands?!!!!
– give them probiotics. (It might help them. I didn’t do it yet but I’m
planning to do it- my pediatrician said to give it a try! I’m not a
doctor so please consult your doctor first)

Voila and don’t forget to wash your hand often!!!!