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Sleeping time

As you know now my girls go to sleep early at 6:30pm I’m breastfeeding them in the dark before putting them in the crib. Some days they are so tired that they fall asleep on me…  Not good, some will say but I’m not going to wake them up to say hey ladies you can’t sleep before you go to the crib!! In fact even if they fall asleep on me, they will sleep until 2am!

To tell you the truth, I like when they fall asleep because I can have some time with Mateo!
Sometimes, they are wide awake and  they play until they fall asleep! We don’t hear them! I like it!!!
Sometimes, they both cry (thank god it doesn’t happen often!!)
And sometimes, only one falls asleep quickly and the second one cries…It’s often due to a burp because she ate too much food!!!!
So Dad or I have to take her, burp her, rock her a little bit for a few times.
Last night, Miya was sleeping very fast but Maeva had difficulty.
I took her a few times but she couldn’t settle. Daddy took my place and tried to calm her… But nothing… I went back again and burped her and put her back in the crib. I massaged her tummy and suddenly I knew she will fall sleep quickly! She was still awake but her sister took her hand and I could see the difference right away!!!

Thank you Miya for helping your big sister to fall asleep!