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The girls having a chat!
The girls having a chat!

The girls are two months old (at the time I am writing this).

Life with twins is very different than just with one!

At this point it’s still difficult to have a schedule during the day! But I can tell you I’m looking forward to see it because I can’t plan anything. I will try to do it next month atat the 3 months oldold mark and I hope by 4 months old we will know where we go!!!

If you have a schedule does it work for youyou? Please share it because it might help others and it might help me!!!

The funny part, if we can say funny, is that one will sleep and not the other one and as soon as the second is falling asleep, the first one wakes up… Grrrr. So I don’t have time for me!

Sometimes when Maeva is crying, Miya will look and wait her turn! So as son as Maeva is settled Miya will start to cry! And vis versa!!! It’s kind of cool. I don’t feel too bad!!

But when they are crying together, it’s very hard for me. I don’t like to let them cry and I always apologize to them and explain that it is difficult with two babies and only 2 arms!

I also explain to them that I really do my best for them and that I love them!

Maeva is still about 1 lbs heavier than Miya but they are growing very well. 10 lbs versus 9lbs about!

So as I was saying above, it’s difficult to have a schedule during the day but at night we are getting better and better!

We changed Mateo’s routine to be able to respond to the needs of the girls.

So when Mateo comes back from daycare, instead of having dinner and then bath and story time, we do bath dinner and story time! Why?

Because the bathroom is in our bedroom and I needed a quiet bedroom for the girls.
It’s working pretty well actually. So as soon as I finish the bath with Mateo (Andrew is changing them and put them in pj), I’m going to breastfeed the girls in the bedroom in the dark with my super sheep who makes wave noises and my tendem pillow!

They are twins
They are twins!!

By 7pm, we put them in the crib (1/2 asleep or not at all) and it’s night time for them until 11pm sometimes midnight for the next feed. Yes 4-5 hours later! But it doesn’t last! After it’s back to 2hours…

The nigh is still short for me!

After we put them in bed, sometimes we don’t hear anything anymore and
sometimes one of them complain a little and I ask Andrew to go to burp

We can now have dinner without hearing any crying or screaming and we can ask Mateo what he did at daycare!

Mateo goes to bed by 7:30pm and by 8pm our three children are in bed sleeping!

Not bad, eh? (I told you I’m Canadian now)

You will say cool you have some time alone! But usually if we watch something on Netflix and I fall asleep on the sofa within 10 minutes of the beginning of the show! Andrew is watching the show alone with me on his
lap!! Nice pillow I have!

I’m so tired that I just  can’t stay up!

So the girls are 2 months old and I still often take my shower at 4pm in the afternoon. But it’s because they don’t want to sleep at the same time!

The best thing this month is that they started to smile! That is so cute… I really enjoy this moment! They also do more eye contact and can listen my voice!

Voila they are two months already and I’m not sure I can say it is getting easier yet… Maybe next month!!

I love my kids! They are so cute!!