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Three Sick babies

Mateo got a cold few days ago and guess what? The girls got the cold too!!! Not surprising you will say but it means when one kid is sick, all kids are sick and for mommy it is not funny!!

Both girls are not sleeping very well at all! They want to be cuddled by mommy!! But I am so so tired that it is difficult to concentrate lately and everything I want to do takes 100 times longer!!

sick babies
Both sleeping

Saturday I said to Andrew I am going to sleep on the sofa tonight so maybe the girls will not smell me and they will not wake up so much! Bla bla bla that was my dream!! I took Miya with me on sofa to feed her and we fall asleep together! I can tell you she was happy to sleep with mommy! But of course Maeva woke up and Andrew brought her to me and said maybe she wants to eat!! Lol! So now I have two babies with me on the sofa! Definitely the sofa is too small for two babies and a mommy!

Miya was more sick than Maeva so as soon as Maeva was asleep I took her back to her crib. When I went back to the sofa Miya took all the space! So I squeezed between her and the coffee table but I can’t sleep… I am not comfortable and there is too much light and way too much noise for me!! So I am looking at Miya who was sleeping peacefully. She is very cute I told myself and keep looking at her… But suddenly I looked at the time also and it is 3:30am and it has been one hour since I brought back Maeva to her crib…

Ok I cant do that… it is going to be the second night I don’t sleep at all so I need to sleep! I took Miya and I put her in her crib and I went to my bed! Oh I love my bed… I have space and it is dark… like very dark! I closed my eyes and I must have fallen asleep in 5 min!! But of course the girls woke up 1h later and so on until it was 5 am where I told Andrew it is his turn!
Last night Miya wasn’t feeling much better… She was also crying a lot even while on me so suddenly I said to Andrew maybe she has an ear infection. She is crying but no fever and she is clean and fed. So I decided to give her some baby Tylenol. She needs to sleep to recover. After 15 min, she was not crying anymore and was smiling again (not sleeping though).
So last night was better especially the first part of the night (until 1am). After it was more of the same – every 1.5 hours. Maeva woke up too but I was able to calm her down without taking her. I think Maeva needs to feel I am still here! So I just have to say ‘shuuuuuu tuuu tuutuutututut and she stops and goes back to sleep.
My night was better but I am still super tired…
I feel I am more tired than when they were born… it is way more difficult for me now than 7 month ago for sleep deprivation. I am speaking about it because for all other things it is way less difficult than 7 months ago!!! Lol …

The girls seem better today even though they sleep more often (1/2h cat nap every 1.5h!!) but that doesn’t give me enough time to sleep!!
I cleaned their noses with salt water and I can tell you they don’t like it! And they liked it even less when I tried to clean it with my nose vaccum!!! For Miya, I put her in the exersaucer because I couldn’t do anything, so everything was running outside (yuky yellow stuff!).

Mateo still has his cold but it is way easier for him! He doesn’t really care actually and it doesn’t seem to bother him too much! He is coughing also and even though he knows to put his elbow to protect, he still forgets!!
And of course, he doesn’t understand why to put Miya or Maeva hand in his mouth or vis versa to put his hand in Maeva or Miya mouth is not good!!!!!


choo choo little train!!
choo choo little train!!