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Week 3 with the girls

This week was a tough week… Maeva and Miya changed their pattern and it was difficult for me. Andrew also went back to work and morning and evening are difficult to  organize. We have to be ready before 7:30am and Andrew has to be home by 5:45pm so that I can go pick up Mateo from daycare… It’s tough, especially when the girls ask me for a lot and Mateo demands a lot at the same time but not for the same reason!
Miya and Maeva

Mateo was difficult and he still is but I think it is getting better!
And all this wining and tantrums, it is very stressful and I could see it also on the girls! If Mateo has a bad attitude when I’m breastfeeding, the girls are not eating well.
I feel so bad for him. It must be so difficult! He was the only one with Mommy and Daddy and now he has to share with not only one baby but two newborns who cry when they want to eat, to be changed, to burp and so on…
It’s a lot for him and we might be a little tougher with him. Tantrums are almost easier to manage than the whining… Ah the whining, it goes direct to the nerve… And we even don’t know what is happening ihis head.
But it’s getting better. We had less tantrum since last Friday and less whining!
I hope it will be over soon. Mateo is very interested by his sisters. He always wants to see them, kiss them and cuddle them. It’s really cute! When they cry he goes to see them. It looks like it’s ok that I breastfeed them. He understands that they drink milk. So sometimes when they are crying, he comes to me and say mama they are hungry?!
And often I say yes they are!
Yesterday it was dinner time. So I proposed to Mateo to eat with his sisters on the coffee table (I was able to breastfeed on the sofa!) it was cool because he ate everything without arguing and he was happy we change the pattern and we were all 5 of us together eating!!
Mateo’s Godmother sent us a packet and she sent us some calissons from Aix en Provence! It’s very yummy and Mateo loves them! We are having one each night. Mateo gives one to each of us (not the girls of course!) and he is proud! After one he closes the box and say I’m putting the box in the fridge and we can have one tomorrow! I wish we had filmed that because it’s very cute to see him and his expression!
For me: I’m exhausted. I don’t sleep enough for sure! It’s difficult! And of course at night from 7pm to 11pm, the girls want to be cuddle with milk!!! They pump me!! I want to sleep!!!! Even sometimes, Andrew can’t even hold them.., it’s just mommy and her boobs that they want!
Last Friday Andrew came late from work and Mateo didn’t have school. I had to take care of the 3 kids and in fact it was good. Maeva and Miya had good behaviour that I was able to play with Mateo. Mateo also was good. I breastfed one girl at the time that I could continue to play with Mateo.
Saturday night Andrew left home at 5pm (after I went 1/2h outside to have some fresh air). It was his sisters 40th birthday and he didn’t want to miss it. I’m too tired to go somewhere just yet! Mateo was good again. I had to breastfeed the girls at the same time so I proposed to Mateo to play with the iPad. He likes to do puzzles and he is getting good at it! So we were both on the sofa and I was able to help him. He was happy. No tantrums again!! I was also able to do the routine bath, book, cuddles with Mateo before the girls started to scream!!! This night I ate with Mateo at 6pm and I’m glad I did! From 7:30pm to 11pm they wanted both to be on me… Not easy but I managed!
I asked Andrew to come back (it was 1am!) because I really needed to sleep! But by the time he arrived, we were all sleeping together on the nursing pillow!

And I almost forgot! As I say it was a tough week and at the midwife appointment we weighed the girls and they didn’t gain a lot! They gained weight but on the very low side of normal. I hope next week they will have gain more… This part is stressful because my milk supply is here for sure! I think I need to eat more protein!
Our super stroller!

Voila for this week!