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Last night…who are they?

Last night I was breastfeeding the girls in tandem before bed and Andrew took them to put them on the crib.
We always put Miya on the right and Maeva on the left! Easy for me during the night to know who is who!

But this time Andrew switched them! I told him but we didn’t do anything!
Miya was crying a lot so I was thinking maybe it was because she is not on her side so I switched them. And it will be easier for me during the night.
This morning I’m changing the girls one by one, starting with Miya. I change her and I hear Maeva speaking but I was surprised because it was Miya’s voice (each has a particular voice) so I looked closely to the girl I was changing and it wasn’t Miya! I was Maeva!! Oops!!
I look at Andrew and said oops it’s Maeva and not Miya!

It’s weird I switched them last night to be not confused and Andrew looked at me and said I switched them too!!!! lol!

It is getting harder and harder to know who is who!