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I received this email few days ago and I would like to share. I am not pregnant anymore but it could help to find someone! I wish they were loping for identical twins girls! 🙂


From: Jamie <>
Subject: Major Cable Network Casting Pregnant Women with Multiples

Hi Valerie!

My name is Jamie and I am a casting producer with Cineflix Productions and Discovery Networks International. 

We are currently casting women who are pregnant with multiples of four and higher and are either in their first or second trimesters. I wanted to see if by chance, you knew of anyone who may fit the bill and be interested? 

Additionally, I wanted to see if you could share our casting notice on your website and/or social media?

Below are the details on the documentary series. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!
Jamie Jaffe

Are you expecting a baby? Is there such a thing as a ‘straight forward’ or ‘easy’ pregnancy? Do you think you’re having – or you’re likely to have- an exceptionally interesting pregnancy?
Few mums-to-be would say that pregnancy is easy or stress-free, but for some women, having a baby presents very unusual challenges.

Cineflix Productions have been commissioned by Discovery Networks International to make 6 x 60 minute episodes on the subject of pregnancy (our working title is “The Pregnancy Project”).

We’re looking for mums-to-be from all over the world, who are juggling the usual excitement and anxiety of a typical pregnancy, with an unusual situation or condition.

If you’re pregnant in an extraordinary situation (for example, you’re acting as a surrogate for a family member or having a baby as an older mother), you’re experiencing pregnancy with a pre-existing condition of your own (such as dwarfism or visual impairment) or if you have a condition brought on by your pregnancy (like extreme cravings, or severe morning sickness) – then we’d love to talk to you.

We’re also looking for mums-to-be who might have previously been told they were unlikely to conceive due to unusual gynaecology.

From sharing the news with your loved ones, to medical appointments and baby showers – right up to the big day itself – we want to explore the realities – the highs and lows, the excitement and the inevitable anxieties that being an extraordinary pregnant mum brings, and help you share your pregnancy story. 

If you’d be interested in an informal chat with a member of The Pregnancy Project production team, please email us