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I would like to share with you my experience of my first pregnancy but particularly the birth.

First of all, I would like say that I had no complain during my pregnancy. I never got morning sickness during the first trimester. I only had a strong smell and that bother me a little bit but other than that I never have anything else.

I had craving for potatoes so when my mother in law was inviting us for dinner I was happy to see potatoes. The best was her mashed potatoes!!! But I didn’t have potatoes every day! What I also loved (and what I hate normally) is orange juice in a box. Oh that I had every day for a while until my midwife said that was too much sugar and it wasn’t good for me and the baby. So I cut down and had a very small amount every night when I was taking my iron supplement (as they said iron is better absorbed with vitamin C… big excuse for my small glass of orange juice!!).

For a long time, I always wanted to give birth in the water. I love water, I love scuba diving and I always felt comfortable and relaxed in this environment. So when I spoke about it to my midwife, she presented me two options: the first one was to deliver at BC Womans Hospital but I would not be 100% sure that I will be able to give birth in the water. She said that it will depend on the number of women using the tubs. If all tubs are occupied I will not be able to do it. And then she presented me the second option which was to give birth at home. Hmmm…  this was kind of scary for me. But I really, really wanted to give birth in the water so I kept an open mind. I went home that night and did a lot of research about home births. And more I was reading about it, the more I was convinced that it was for me.

So I decided that I will give birth at home.

I took prenatal classes and I really recommend that you do it. I did it at St Pauls Hospital and Andrew and I were glad we took it. We learned a lot. Andrew was very impressed and very happy to participate.

At 36 weeks I decided to stop working and I wanted to relax for my last 4 weeks. So I took one week vacation and my maternity leave was going to start at 37 weeks.


On the friday (first day of 37weeks), we went to our midwife appointment and she checked and everything was well and baby had his head down. She asked if we want to take the swimming pool with us or if we wait until our appointment next week. I said we can take it today if we can get it!

By the end of the week of my vacation, we went out for dinner with friends. It was a Vancouver Canucks game and UFC fight night (which I hate but Andrew is very big fan). During the evening, my baby was moving a lot and it was telling me that it didnt like all this noise. I said to Andrew that I need to go because I don’t feel very good. The baby was moving so much that I said to Andrew :” I hope baby is not coming tonight because we are not ready!!”.

We decided that we will buy everything the next day that we need in case baby comes earlier.

So Sunday May 1st, we are out trying to buy all the stuff that the midwife told us we need:

– 1 small bottle of Hibitane or other anti-bacterial Skin Cleanser

– 24 4 X 4° sterile gauze squares

– 24 disposable underpads (approximately 18° X 24°)

-2 rolls of paper towel

– oral thermometer (preferably Celsius) hot water bottle or heating pad flashlight and extra batteries

– gel-type cold packs (place in freezer)
– plastic sheet (shower curtain, vinyl tablecloth or plastic mattress cover) to

– cover mattress
– large box of sanitary pads (overnight, extra long or maternity)

– Ibuprofen or Tylenol (acetaminophen, not aspirin) for after pains large garbage bags

– ziplock bag or yogurt container (for placenta)

2 flat sheets
2 fitted sheets
2 hand towels 4-6 large towels 8 wash cloths 8 receiving blanket

homeopathic arnica

As it was Sunday, we couldn’t buy everything so we decided that I will go on Monday.

So our Sunday was fun. We were out almost all day and we had some good laughs. It wasn’t usual this kind of Sunday but it was laugh over laugh and we were getting some funny pictures (more than usual). We were both king of uphoric!

CIMG0502 CIMG0496 CIMG0470

By the end of the day we went home to relax and have dinner. I was getting tired so I went to bed early (9pm). But by 11 pm, I started to have some back pain and some pain on my tummy. I got worried because it was painful but I wasn’t feeling any contractions. I decided to call my midwife and tell her what I was feeling.

She announced to me that I was in labour. I said what? I am going to give birth but we are not ready? We didn’t buy anything yet…

She laughed and reassured me that was not big deal!. She will bring everything. She told me to try to sleep and to lie down.

I was glad I took the swimming tub on Friday! It was maybe a sign!!


To be continued…