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Yesterday was the full moon!

There are some theories that say there are more births at the full moon.

Is it true? I’m not sure! Nobody really knows! Some people believe that the moon’s gravitational pull can influence the amniotic fluid around the baby the same way as it affects the tide. But not everybody is convinced by that!
But after some reading, my mother in law  was predicting the girls will come at this time, but she also believed the full moon was November 3rd! When we discovered that the full moon was on October 18th, I was a little worried because it was a little too early! (in case the theory works for me!)
Today, it’s Saturday the 19th and the girls are still in my belly! Youpiii!But (of course there is a “but”!!) I am not sure if there is a correlation but on Friday the girls moved on the opposite sides… Before baby B’s head was on my right rib but now, it’s empty… I’m not sure where she is now…. There is something on my left rib but I’m not sure it is a head!And (of course there is also an “and”!) Friday was my worst day I had since I’m pregnant. I was in pain all day! I couldn’t sit, walk, lie down on my left side nor on my right side, I had pain everywhere. It was my ligaments, on my ribs, in my belly… everywhere. I couldn’t find a position where I didn’t have any pain… It was weird… and it was so so uncomfortable! I even got sick when I was eating! Like suddenly I vomited without notice! Completely strange day for me!

So is it because of the “full moon”? We will never know! But at the end of the day, everything disappeared! I was able to walk, sit again… I could breath again too!!

My parents in law came downtown to pick up Mateo from daycare (it was plan!)! We are practicing in case they have to go to pick him up without notice if I am at the maternity. It is also good because Mateo is more and more familiar with them and it is ok for him to stay with them! He is happy to see them and speaks a lot about them! It is very cute!

So we decided to take advantage of the occasion to go for a date.. It might be the last one we get for a while! Or the one before the last! (we are planning to have another last date on November 1st!)

The night was awesome! We went to a French restaurant and I felt I was in France for a moment! Everybody was speaking French! It was cool! It was my kind of night! And it was delicious! Like really delicious! Andrew couldn’t believe the food could be so good!! I guess it is because of that we say French people have a pallet!

At La Cigale on 4th Avenue
At La Cigale on 4th Avenue

It was too bad that I didn’t have any space for the desert (thanks to the girls squeezing my stomach!), because they seemed very good too! And I would have love to have a glass of wine too! We will be back to this restaurant for sure!!!

To come back to the full moon, I am not sure the theory works and I am not sure either if the maternity was busier yesterday but I wasn’t one of the Moms delivering babies on the full Moon!!!

Mateo was born one day before the “New Moon” so maybe it will be the date for the girls!! If it is, it will be November 2nd!! We’ll see very soon!!!

Who wants to take a guess?