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The birth of our twins


It was 6:30pm when we arrived at hospital. We went in and they ask me why I was there. (Just because it can he for an assessment or other stuff…)
So I said I think it is because I’m going to give birth!!
So instead to start by the first step (quick questions…) I went directly to register! It was the same woman as Saturday! She recognized us!
I gave her everything and requested the star bundle. I said we want a private room but the insurance covered us just for semi private room! She was very nice and said that she will give us a private room anyway because we have twins and a cute little boy!!
Mateo was very funny and we could see he was very excited!!
So she asked me to mark down for semiprivate room! Lucky us! And if you could see the room! It’s a big nice room!
I gave her both birth plans I have (the one I really want and the one for c-section just in case!)


Everybody heard about me and the twins! I think it is because they know my girls are breech and transverse and I want a vaginal birth!!
After that we met our midwife (with her student) and we started to do an assessment (same as last time!) I’m having some concern to lie down because I know that I need to move if we want to go fast!

Assessment time with my boy
Assessment time with my boy

Anyway I have to lie down to listen to both babies and contractions! I’m not sure how long it was but we were there for a while. After they wanted to do a full ultrasound to be sure of the position of the girls and their estimated weight. The lady wasn’t nice at all. She complained that my bladder was empty so she couldn’t see very well my cervix (she made me laugh because when I needed to pee she showed me the toilet! Why didn’t she tell me?!) She was very abrupt and both of us didn’t like it!!

It is a tough job to do an ultrasound on full term twins I guess.

Anyway… It was for the OB (they didn’t have any reports from all the ultrasounds I did at St. Paul hospital! Weird!)
And after the ultrasound we went back to the assessment room! I stayed standing up for a while.
My contractions were starting to get painful but it was so mild compered to Mateo! With Mateo I had back pain and front pain all time on top of the contractions! But this time as soon as contractions left, no pain anymore! It’s very cool!!
And at this point, the midwife said that my OB will come tonight! I’m like what… he is coming but he is not on call! He is coming special for me!

At this point I know there is an 80% that I’m going to have a vaginal birth!
I am taking some homeopathy to help the cervix opens faster and keeps going.
They are okay with it so even we are not sure it works, it’s cool to be able to take it!

By 9:30pm our OB showed up and explained what we should do: he thinks it will he good if we accelerate the process because he is afraid that my uterus will get tired by all these contractions if the cervix doesn’t open quick enough. He said it’s different with singletons because at the end I and my uterus have to push twice. And if my uterus gets tired it will be not able to push the babies… So he wants to break the water, put oxcitocyn (kind of induce labour process). So in fact I’m ok to break the water but not for oxcitocyn!
Anyway we can think about and see how it progresses…
After all of that they transferred us to the delivery room. It’s not a huge place but enough for giving birth!
They monitored again the girls… We put some relaxing music. Just like I’m almost at home without the bathtub! By 11pm, the anesthiologist came to prepare the epidural. So what he is going to do is to place the epidural ready to go but he will not put any drugs until I ask for them.
I wish I will be able not to use it but I know I will because between the delivery of baby A and B they will have to put their hand to re-position baby B for delivery and this part will be more painful than the contractions!
He was a very nice guy. And said I hope I will not see you again! And I answered that I like him but I really hope I will not see him again too! Lol and we all laughed!!
Ya I made a lot of jokes and everybody (nurses, interns, midwives, OB…) was laughing very often.
By 11:30pm OB came, he looked at my cervix and I was 5 cm. It felt the time flew by like crazy…)
And he said that we should break the water now and it will go very fast after. He said baby A is bum down but there is a bubble of water preventing pressure from being put on the cervix. If we break the water the baby will fall down against the cervix. So I should also get ready for the epidural as it needs 20 minutes to work! Ok so only 10 min after anesthiologist left they call him again!! Lol! We kind of joke about but I don’t remember exactly what we said. So he put something very diluted. After 15 minutes the nurse put some ice to see if I feel the same way on my tummy and on my face! I said ya a little bit less I guess but I still can feel very well the contractions. So we waited 10 minutes more and the OB came. He used a plastic tool and broke the water! Pfff… what a hot river going out! Like Whaouu what a strange feeling! I didn’t feel that with Mateo! (Normal I was in water already!!!). My super nice socks are wet now!!
Oh oh the contractions are stronger and stronger and I can feel them intensively! Concentration on breathing! I grabbed Andrews hand! He said I’m not strong enough to give him pain! But I’m sure I did!! Lol!! His fingers were turning blue!

Dr Lyons (the OB on call)  came and looked at my cervix and I’m now 8cm… It’s coming very fast and without any oxcitocyn! She ordered more epidural because I’m still feeling them too much and it will be not good for the between babies!! My OB Dr Woo came 10 minutes later and suddenly it’s time to push! Whaouu I have no no pain at all! Like I can feel pressure but no pain! They asked me to push! Pfff so easy!!! It’s difficult to explain but I know where to push! So I concentrated on pushing and after 5 pushes baby A, Maeva was out! Nurse took her but Dr. Woo said no and brought her back to my tummy! Yayy my first baby is on my tummy. I can see Andrew cutting the cord! Whaouu it’s amazing what is happening! I don’t know I really felt something different than with Mateo’s birth! Maybe because I had no pain at all! I remembered with Mateo I screamed like crazy but with the girls no need!!!!

Maeva, 1:42am 3060g
Maeva, 1:42am 3060g

Here the difficult part started… To bring baby B, Miya into the world. It’s Dr. Lyons doing it and my OB, Dr Woo, watching and mentoring her by telling her exactly what she has to do! But Andrew felt she was not confident and even Dr Woo was putting on his gloves. She looked concerned and kept mentioning that she could feel a hand. Dr. Woo said if you have a good grip on a foot to just pull her out. He asked her to ignore the hand but she was trying to move the baby so the hand wasn’t near the foot.  He asked her if she is confident to do it and she stood back… So he took her space, Grabbed the legs of the girl and took her out!

I’m still pushing of course! When half of her body is out, Dr. Lyons took her back and gave her to an intern to move the body in a good way to go out and it is the turn of the head! A last push and her head came out. They put her on my tummy. Andrew cut the cord and this time they took her to the examination room very fast. She was not breathing properly (I did not know this part for a while. They gave her oxygen and everything was fine. They took a while though and Andrew was over there watching what they do and he has the camera! They weighed her. And they brought her back to me and took Maeva for a check too! So I still have a baby! They are still working on the placenta! Ya it has to go out too!!

Maeva and Miya 1:48am
Maeva and Miya 1:48am

After all I had 2 tears that they have to stitch them and I’m enjoying holding one baby! Maeva came back and Andrew took her on his tummy!

Their temperatures are dropping so when I breastfed one, the other is going under the heat.
After I breastfeed both of them both are under the heat. Everybody left and there is only one nurse now. Andrew is tired and decided to lie down and I fell asleep within 1 minute… Like how can he do that!
I can’t sleep even I think I should but I’m too excited to see the girls! I’m also making sure they stay here!!! At 4:30am the girls are okay, my legs can support me, I’m okay. It’s time to go to our room!

My two little girls
My two little girls

I’m going to sit on the wheelchair with both girls! Andrew took all our stuff. There are two people checking over our bracelets between the girls, me and their documents to ensure the babies are the right ones. Ya ya there are mine!!

The room is huge and very nice! We put the girls in the crib and I lie down on my bed. I still have the IV. I tried to go pee but I can’t… it’s still sleeping I guess! So we all went to sleep! The girls were very sleepy! Good because I’m tired! I still have some concern about breastfeeding but they assured me that everything will work out and the first 24 hours it’s okay if the girls sleep a lot and I should do the same!
Voila… It’s 5am and we are still speaking about how it went and how we were lucky to have this OB. Without him nothing will have worked as described in my birth plan.

After the birth and check up
After the birth and check up

He came the next evening and I thanked him a lot for coming on his day off and his answered was:  I didn’t have choice! Not many people can do that!
Yes I know and I’m glad I met you!
I’m also glad the midwives, commercial drives midwives, who are awesome by the way, send me to him!

I’m still thinking of this birth and even though it wasn’t at home, I had two different births in different conditions and both were the best that I could have expected.
I will never forget them for sure!!




Twin A and Twin B
Twin A and Twin B




Natural Breech Twin Birth
Maeva and Miya in the crib at the hospital

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      Congratulations! such lovely little baby girls – enjoy them.

      • Valerie

        Thank you very much. They are very cool!

    • Pamela

      Thank you for sharing your story. I love the photo at the bottom. I’m sure parents preparing to deliver twins will find the information that you shared to be very helpful.

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