Happy New Year 2015

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Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

For us, Christmas was magic! I think it is magic when you have kids because of Santa Claus coming! The girls were still too little to understand the meaning and they were not interested at all in opening the presents! I was kind of sad because I did all the wrapping and I did all the unwrapping!

Santa will come soon!

Santa will come soon!

Normally, Mateo would have done it for the girls but he was too busy opening his own and playing with what he got!! I am sure,  next year, the three of them will be crazy!! I am looking forward to seeing it :).

The holiday season is always busy doing fun things! We went to the Christmas market where Mateo went on the carousel many times! I guess when you have twins, it attracts people and they have sympathy! So we got 5 free rides on the carousel from people that gave them to us! I think they got these free rides with deals (like Groupons) and they didn’t have kids so they offered them to us! Lucky Mateo because the girls where too young still to go on!

We tried to go to the Chrismas train before Christmas but each time it was sold out! So we went on the 31st of December! It was cold but not raining! I was afraid the kids would get cold so they all wore their snow suits! And nobody was cold!

Santa came in our house! Hooray!!

Santa came in our house! Hooray!!

During this season, a lot of houses are decorated. So we went often for a walk at night to watched all kinds of decorations on the street! Mateo loves them a lot! We found the best decoration ever in town! Have you been to Trinity street? I am not sure if it is every year but this year they had a contest and all the houses had decorations on it! It was beautiful! If you  can go, go! … because you will be not disappointed!

We also went in downtown by the recommendation of a friend to see the Christmas trees at the Four seasons Hotel, all kinds of gingerbread houses at the Hyatt Hotel and the Woodwards Christmas Window Display at the Pan Hotel. We had a good day! I miss downtown and it was nice to spend all day downtown on the street!!

New Years was kind of quiet for us. We had a dinner date at home with Andrew! Ha ha ha! Kids were all in bed by 7:30pm and we had a nice dinner! Crab legs and scallops! Yummy, yummy and a nice desert! After we went to watch a movie and of course as usual I fell asleep! By 11pm I was in bed!

Ya, I know it is kind of sad but I am so tired and the girls are still waking up so much at night that I couldn’t wait to be in bed! Andrew fell asleep on the sofa later on and I went to say Happy New Year at 1 am after the feeding of one of the girls!! I was just one hour late 🙂

Christmas Market

Christmas Market


I  hope next year we will do something more fun!

Voila! 2014 is behind us and it was a big adventure for me with the twins! 2015 is looking for more adventures! I wish you all the best for this New Year. I hope you will accomplish all your projects with happiness, love and health around you.


Happy New Year!