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Maeva and Miya are 13 months old

This month was an interesting month! I always thought Miya will be walking soon but now I am wondering! Miya loves to walk on her knees… She walk 5-6 steps and then falls. However, Maeva is now getting up by herself without any support! She did a few steps yesterday.
It’s not a competition but it’s kind of fun to take a guess! Please leave a message with your guess! 

Lunch time
Lunch time… kind of quiet…

It’s going to be tough when they will be walking! I can see it already! They climb everywhere! Last week I was at the library and I turned my head for 20 seconds to look for a book to read to them and when I looked back, one had climbed on a chair and the other one was on the table on the computer… Ya ya…

Another time, I was taking a nap and Andrew was looking after them, Maeva climbed on a step and did yoga on it! And Miya climbed on a chair and then tried to climb on our dinner table! She grabbed Andrews coffee… She was lucky because it wasn’t too hot anymore… But hot enough to make red marks on her body… She cried so much poor little girl! I was able to make her smile after I breastfeed her!

Still lunch time with bowls...
Still lunch time with bowls… not quiet anymore!!

When I go to the play gym, one goes on the right and another on the left… And they each climb on something! So I have to be in two places at the same time! Lucky for me people are very nice so they often help me. But I’m really wondering how it is going to be!

With Mateo I’ve never been really worried. He never really ran like crazy everywhere! But with these two monkeys, it’s not going to be the same I can tell already!

We are having some good laughs lately! Their expressions are sometimes unexpected and funny! They speak and reply to you in their own language but it can be interesting how they answer! Miya, when she wants something, you will know it by her gestures. Her hands are showing give me, give me!

Do you find them?
Do you find them?

Lunch and dinner time is still very chaotic! We still can’t give them bowls because otherwise the bowls finish on their head with a shower of food… Funny you will say! But even though it makes me laugh I don’t really laugh when I have to clean it! Because I have to clean them, all the high chairs and the floor… Grrrr I hate it!

But twins are still amazing me a lot! They do things that you will not think of! Is it because they are twins or is it just coincidence? For example, in the morning, we all eat eggs. The girls too, but Maeva will only eat the whites and will not touch the yellow and Miya is the opposite, she eats the yellow and not the white… It is kind of a complementary thing! Funny, hey?

Wait… something else we noticed lately… Still at breakfast, we give them clementine and kiwi (half for each). Maeva will always start with the clementine followed by the kiwi but Miya does the opposite! She eats the kiwi first!  I am wondering if people who have twins notice this too!