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Maeva and Miya, you are 2 years old!

Happy Birthday Maeva, Happy Birthday Miya,

Happy Birthday girls! You are 2 years old!! Time flies way too fast! Where are my babies???

The Adorables!
The Adorables!

You are changing everyday!

In one year you went from crawling to walking, running, climbing over furniture, kicking a ball!!

You went from saying nothing to speaking a few words and singing!

You went from wearing diapers to fully potty trained (except for nights… but you could if I was ok waking up for each pee!)


What a year!

All these milestones in one year! Unbelievable!!

Pushing is so much fun!
Pushing is so much fun!


You are both different, your characters are very different but you are starting to look more alike (I never saw you as identical twins until now!)

Maeva on grandpa and Miya doing a look as her sister!
Maeva on grandpa and Miya doing a look as her sister!

Sometimes, you trick me by taking the facial expressions of the other!

This black and white pic, for example, had me wrong!

Miya you are looking like your sister and vise versa!

Miya you are not sitting on Grandpa, it’s Maeva!!!

Funny that you trick Mommy!


You are 2 years old today and even though I have some difficult times like sleep deprivation (still now!) I will not change anything! You make me laugh. It’s very cute to watch your evolution!



This year was one of my favourite years! I was lucky (and I still am) to keep you with me. I’m working part time but I don’t drop you off at daycare. Grandma and Grandpa come to look after you! Thank you to them for looking after you! You are lucky and they are lucky too!

Your first lollypop!
Your first lollypop!

This time is so precious! So you know how to enjoy it!

I’m still breastfeeding you at night (not at all during day). These night feeds are just for comfort. You wake up, you might be afraid to be of the dark, you want some comfort and I give it to you!

I can tell you sometimes I will prefer to sleep through the night but you like to snuggle with mommy and I like it too!

This period will pass and I will miss it!

So I keep it as it is for now!!

Two girls means waking up twice as much but it is also double the cuddles!

Enjoying your birthday present!
Enjoying your birthday present!

You like to kiss and hug a lot! I hope these will never disappear!

As a Mom of three, I really feel lucky to be a Mom of three fantastic children!
You make me smile when you make sure that your brother or your sister are as happy as you. If you get a cheese, you will take more… not for you but your sister and brother!

Very cute! Thank you for sharing!


Of course you fight too! But I feel lucky because on average I don’t have too many fights to break up!

You girls like to help!

You like to unload the dishwasher and you want to participate in the kitchen!

We need to enjoy it because it will not stay like this unfortunately!

In the morning you help your brother to put the jam(s) on the table and the spoons and knives (they don’t cut these knives!)

I really love this year!

And I can tell you today I’m a little nostalgic!

Morning breakfast!
Morning breakfast!


When you were born, you were so little! I had Maeva on me first and Miya 6 minutes later! It was unbelievable to get two babies at the same time! You were my little babies until today!

You are not babies anymore you are my toddlers! I’m going to miss a lot this cool period!
Please girls, I know the TERRIBLE 2’S are coming soon but please be gentle with your Mommy and Daddy! We will try to satisfy you but we need to enforce boundaries and I know it’s not easy to accept them but it’s for your own good! I promise!
You are starting to lie down on the floor when you don’t get what you want but you are not screaming yet! Thank you for that!
Usually you want me to carry you in my arms but you are not light anymore! And when I need to get groceries it’s not easy without arms!

Anyway I’m not complaining  because you are AWESOME!

Again Happy Birthday Maeva and Miya!
I love you so much.


We are having fun!
We are having fun!


Maeva fist draw! Daddy on the left and mommy on the right!
Maeva fist draw! Daddy on the left and mommy on the right!