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When Mateo was 18 months old, we bought a blue potty and told him that it will be his toilet when he will be ready!

We didn’t know what potty to buy so what we did is that we bought 2 different kind of potty: One that you can put on the toilet, like a potty seat and another like chair. After reading some reviews, we bought babybjorn potty chair and dreambaby soft cushion potty seat from amazon!

If you don’t know it yet, I am a fan of amazon! Sometimes, Andrew should ban me from it!!!!!

Mateo until now never really use the potty seat. He was more comfortable for the chair! And he loves the color blue!!

So we never really push to seat on the potty. We put the potty in my bathroom near the bathtub and every night we asked him if he wants to seat and pee pee in the potty. At first, he said “not today” and it was it.

So we just stayed consistent by asking every night. What I did too is that I always told him when I wanted to pee. And as often he was following me! So one day I said “do you want to pee in your potty when mommy is peeing in the big toilet?” and surprising he said yes! So he seat but nothing came! But he started to want to seat on it every night before the bath. He always took the same book with him. So at the beginning, he wanted I read the book (French book about potty), when he was seating in his potty. Until he started to pee! oh mommy was very proud of his baby so I congratulate him many times, did the dance and clapped on my hand!! Oh he was proud for sure! So proud that he wanted to show to his dad!!!

So every night he had so show it to us! if one of us wasn’t there, he wanted to wait…

So it become a routine…

At daycare, it wasn’t the same… He was scared to seat on the toilet. He wasn’t comfortable at all. So many times, he said to one of the caregiver “Not today, tomorrow!”  But the next day was same sentence “Not today, tomorrow!”.

I bought few months ago a potty training pant and he wanted to wear it. of course, a monkey it is nice!!

But I always told him that he will be able to wear it when he will seat regularly in the potty. And then two months ago, on the weekend I said “do you want to wear your monkey?” “Oh yes” he said! So we put it! I asked him every 1/2h if he need it to pee on the potty and repeat that he cannot pee on monkey! I can tell you that I was worried when we went outside! But he didn’t want to put a diaper so… I just took some change in case!!!For the first weekend, he had one accident each day (the problem when you just have one potty training pants, you have to wash it right away to be able to wear it again the same day!…) but the following weekend no accident at all… Like Andrew and I were super surprised! Even when we were going out, he never had accident…

At daycare, same situation. He started to seat on toilet but no pee pee… But after 3 weekend Without accident, I accepted that he wear his monkey at daycare. I also bought same brand the cow . But I didnt want to buy more of this training pants because it cost $15 each and it is kind of expensive!!

So every night when I was pick Mateo up fro daycare, he had accidents and both monkey and cow were wet! But the good new is that he started to seat regularly in the toilet and become more confident and had 1 or 2 pee on it! So it was some improvement!!

I spoke and asked advice from caregivers because he was peeing in our potty at home every night (like 2-3 times at  night) and all weekend…  They said that maybe we should have more underwear… and they will keep putting them…

So I decided to buy some real underwear but not a simple one! I had to attract Mateo by them so as he like Elmo a lot, we bought some Elmo Underwear.

We just got them last weekend and how he was happy and wanted to wear them right away! I said that we will wash them first and then he will be able to wear one!

And this week, he wanted to bring all of them to daycare! I said ok but We want they stay clean I said… no accident in Elmo!

Monday, he had one accident and I think it was because the time between two pee pee was too long and he is still afraid to tell someone he wants to pee. He always tell me but nobody else, neither his dad 🙁

So of course after 2 hours, he had an accident but it was the only one! Tuesday and Wednesday no accident at all. He went to pee on the toilet 7-8 times. Thursday unfortunately he had 2 accidents: one poo poo and one pee pee!

Ya for the BM, Mateo is still not ready to do it in the toilet. Each time he wants to poo, he runs to me and said “I want a diaper!” So the first time, I didnt understand why so I asked him few times why but he always said as the answered “I want a diaper!” until I asked, do you want to poo poo? and he looked at me and said ‘yes”!! I asked him if he want to poo poo in the toilet or on the potty but he said “no,I want a diaper!”

As I never push him, I put a diaper that I have to take off 5 minutes later!! But it is like this for now! I am okay with that!

What we do, is that we put the poo poo in the toilet and he flash it and say good bye to it! lol.. Ya ya I know we are very open for strategies! Maybe it will work maybe not! As I said we are not on hurry! He might have more accident lately when the girls will be there but it will be just a short time!

Oh I wanted to precise that at nap time and at bedtime, we always put a diaper… He is not ready yet to take it away… it is too weet at this time!


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