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Two funny stories with potty training for Mateo.

1. Mommy I have to go pee… Daddy, I don’t have to go pee:

Our problem is that we forget to ask Mateo if he wants to pee in his potty before to go to bed.

So every night after he is installed comfortably in his bed with his teddy bears and is ready to go to sleep, we leave the room. It is calm and quiet for a while. After 2 minutes, we can hear “Mommy I want to pee!, Mommy I want to pee!”.

So the first time this happened, I am like, “Is he playing or he really wants to pee?” And I am thinking that I can not say no to this one in case he really wants to pee…

So I bring the potty to his room and to my big surprise, yes, he pees!!!

So almost every night it is the same. “Mommy I want to pee!”. But sometimes first it is… “Mommy I pood!”. So that I know is true (I can smell it!!!). So I change his bum and he goes back to bed and 2 minutes later we can hear “Mommy I want to pee!”… grrrrr grrrrr but I feel I have to go again… and of course he pees.

The thing is that he doesn’t call his Dad. And if I ask his Dad to go, he doesn’t want to pee anymore! But if I go, he will always pee!!!! Funny boy!


2. No more Diaper for me Gramma!

On Tuesday, Mateo’s Grandparents came to take care of him while we were going to the breastfeeding class for twins.  So he had his bath and when it was time to put on his diaper, his Grandma couldn’t find them (I forgot to show her where they are but Mateo usually grabs them every night so I wasn’t worried at all!). So she asked Mateo where his diapers are and he answered “no more diapers”. She asked him if he wears diapers at night now and he said “NO”.

So She believed him and he went to bed without diaper!

When we came back at night and Martha asked me if Mateo was not wearing diapers at night! I said not yet, why? And she told me that he is sleeping without diaper! I laughed and ran to his room believing he would have peed in his bed already! But lucky for us he didn’t. So I put a diaper on and everything was ok! I am glad I did because the next morning at 5:30 am I heard: Mommy I poo poo!

Funny boy!

If you too, you want to share your funny stories, don’t hesitate to put it here!

mommy i have to go pee