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33 weeks pregnant with Twins

33 weeks… 4-5 weeks more and we are going to meet our girls! I gained 3 more lbs this weeks with now I’ve gained 38lbs since the beginning! Wow… it starts to be heavy! My belly measures 40.5 cm. ouhh ouuh. Andrew says ” you are getting very big now”!! Yes I AM!!!! I went…

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32 weeks pregnant with Twins

32 weeks…yayyy we did it…. it is kind of a milestone!. My next milestone is 34 weeks and after 37 weeks!!! I really hope I will make it until October 27th! Why this date? It is because I really, really would like to go the CMA ceremony on October 26! And I do not want…

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31 weeks pregnant with twins

I am so happy that I passed 30 weeks. Being pregnant with twins is more worrisome than with a singleton! I never was worried with Mateo. With identical twins, there is always a risk of Twin-to-Twin transfusion syndrome which could be dangerous for both babies. And last week, my OB said he was looking forward…

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Finding a Twins Support Group Vancouver

Twins Support Group in Vancouver I think expecting twins is very different than a singleton. I will discuss the differences with twins in another post. For my first pregnancy I didn’t join an online support group. But now I think a support group is important for every woman who is expecting (especially for the first…

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