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I am so happy that I passed 30 weeks. Being pregnant with twins is more worrisome than with a singleton! I never was worried with Mateo. With identical twins, there is always a risk of Twin-to-Twin transfusion syndrome which could be dangerous for both babies. And last week, my OB said he was looking forward for the next ultrasound to be sure that the difference in weight is not increasing.

I am 31 weeks pregnant plus a few days now. I had my ultrasound today and I am very happy. The girls are growing well. With their measurements (just an estimation) being: Baby A is 2kg and Baby B is 1.7kg.

The last ultrasound I had on September 10 (so two weeks ago), Baby A was 1.65kg and Baby B was 1.35kg. So same difference and they both are taking some weight!

At the ultrasound on August 27, 2013, Baby A was 1.13kg and Baby B was 1.08kg.

I really can feel it now. It is heavier and heavier everyday!

My blood pressure is normal and my tummy measures 38cm… ya it is getting bigger! I am officially bigger than I was at Mateo’s birth. I gained 32 pounds so far (14.5kg) and everything is in my tummy! I have no swelling in my feet or hands. The only thing I could complain about is the heartburn… ouh la la (that is my french part!) if I eat and go to lie down, I have such heartburn that I can’t sleep. My OB recommended that I drink milk (for calcium). It works but not every time… I am trying to be careful of what I am eating before lying down but any food can give me heartburn. I do not have it if I am sitting or standing up.

The babies are moving periodically like crazy! It looks like they are fighting for their space and when they find an agreement, they stop to move and I guess they sleep! But I wish I could film it because my tummy is moving like crazy and becomes different shapes! Earlier, my tummy was almost square! two heads on each side. Each time I tried to film it, of course they stop to move!

My only concern is the girls like to be in the transverse position and they don’t really want to put their heads down! But my OB isn’t concerned as he said I already delivered a breech baby, I will be able to deliver another breech baby. I am starting chiropractic and acupuncture to try to move them in good position. It will be one of the next posts.

Tomorrow we have breastfeeding for multiples session and I am so looking forward to meet some moms and to learn more about breastfeeding for twins!

comming soon...
My Baby Bump at 31 weeks!



Voila for 31 weeks pregnant with twins

Talk to you soon for the update of 32 weeks!

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    • Rossat Millet Sophie

      C’ est sympa ce blog! bon courage pour le dernier mois!!!! c’ est pas trop long ?
      Les filles sont de “vraies” jumelles?

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