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32 weeks…yayyy we did it…. it is kind of a milestone!. My next milestone is 34 weeks and after 37 weeks!!! I really hope I will make it until October 27th! Why this date? It is because I really, really would like to go the CMA ceremony on October 26! And I do not want the girls go to  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit!!

So I take it very easy, trust me!!!

I gained 3lbs this week, with a total of 35lbs (almost 16kg)…

I feel alright for a woman who is pregnant with twins!! I do not have a lot of complaints! Andrew will hear me complaining of course but it is just the normal complaints!! lol!!!!

I do not have swollen feet (yet), I do not have back pain (only if I use this stupid pregnancy pillow…).

But I have heartburn and I am getting tired very fast!! Oh ya… I am resting a lot!! We could almost think I am on bed rest during the week!!

My journey is about the same everyday of the week and on the weekend it is a little different because there is a toddler to take care of!! And a toddler needs to move!

The night is kind of long! I wake up many times: to go pee or because I have heartburn or I am hungry or I had a bad dream that makes me an insomniac!

So I go to check on my little boy, put him back under his duvet… drink a glass of milk and go back to sleep!!

So on weekdays: I wake up between 5:30 to 6am (depending on Mateo’s schedule!), I prepare breakfast and lunch for everybody, change Mateo, play with him, have breakfast with everybody and by 8am I am in bed again!!!

Oh I like this moment!!! My boys left and it is quiet again! Do not get me wrong I like the noise of my boys!!! But I like to have my own time (which is the first time I can really take it!) So I go back to bed,  I read my email, look what is new in the world and fall asleep for 1hour to 1:30 hours!! After, I have a shower and a snack! I never forget about the snack!!!

After that it will depend of the day: I go to chiropractor or acupuncture, or I go somewhere else or I stay home and write a post or I clean the house! I always have something to do…

I go outside one time a day. I am too tired for more! So I take it easy but I do not see the day. It goes by so fast!

At 5pm, I go to pick Mateo at daycare and the routine with the boy starts!

The girls are moving a lot and they seem to be enjoying each other! Sometimes, they must have an argument because they are moving at the same time very agressively and it can be uncomfortable for me but I am happy to feel them like this! It means that everything is fine!

My bag for the hospital is finally ready… I will just have to put my toothbrush in it!

The bed for the girls is almost ready! We have to adjust the height of the mattress so that  I do not have to bend over to pick them up!

The stroller is set up with car seats attached! All the clothes for the girls are cleaned and in the closet or in the hospital bag!

Ah yes I have a complaint! I have something appearing on my belly…. the first stretch mark! What is that?!!!! What is happening? I didn’t have any with Mateo so why now? Ok, my belly is bigger than with Mateo at birth and I have two babies in me but why does it happen? I apply oil everyday… I am so so disappointed. I was wishing I will not get any again this time!!!

Oh I have another complain!!! I’ve got some finally!!! He he!! It is raining today so I had to put socks on my feet and some rain boots! But I can tell you that it is not easy to put socks on anymore! Like I have to put each foot in a special way to get by my belly! I really need longer arms!!! Ya I cannot see my feet anymore and I really really have to sit to put my socks and my boots on! It is kind of funny if we think about it but it is not for me!! Ha ha ha!! Instead of 2 seconds to put socks I need 5 minutes now!!!!

Voila, I really feel the week is flying and It is cool but also not too cool! I would like more days during the week!!!


5 to 6 weeks to go and our life is going to change again for ever!