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33 weeks… 4-5 weeks more and we are going to meet our girls!

I gained 3 more lbs this weeks with now I’ve gained 38lbs since the beginning! Wow… it starts to be heavy! My belly measures 40.5 cm. ouhh ouuh. Andrew says ” you are getting very big now”!! Yes I AM!!!!

I went to see my OB and everything seems ok. My blood pressure is normal. Just that the girls are still breech! As he said they are french breech…. grrrr… are they going to move head down? I really really hope so!
I brought my birth plan and we looked at it together. There are few things that are not going to happen like eating during labour. I can understand because if there is an emergency, it could be not good to have full stomach! I didn’t eat anyway when I was in labour with Mateo! I really didn’t feel it at all! I was too focused on my breathing and relaxing. I wanted a wireless monitor but he said that it is very old and it doesn’t work properly so it will be not good. Hmmm… I said but I do not want to be stuck on the bed… He said no problem, I can take them out… okay…

Also, I wanted to spend sometime in the bathtub as I really really enjoyed it with Mateo. Unfortunately, if the girls arrive in October, it will be not possible because this section is closed for renovation! Why it is closed? It is the best thing for labour. That makes me sad!  How am I going to relax the same way I did with Mateo?

So we also spent some time talking about the painkillers. I do not wish to have an epidural but he said it is his advice to take it because in case they have to reach in with their hand to get baby B or do a c section, it will be better. So what I think I am going to do is that I am going to prepare for it but not ask for a dose until it will be time for pushing baby A. I will put a small dose that it will be ready for baby B. So I will have two different experiences.

Next Tuesday, I am going to see the anesthesiologist, so I guess we will speak about the different options I can have. My OB said to bring my birth plan. He also said that they will be not very happy… Why? Why they will be not happy? I will tell you Tuesday!  At this appointment, I also want to be sure I have no allergy to any of these drugs. In Canada apparently, we do not check for that but in France for each intervention, there are some tests done… So I prefer to do like France!! Yes, I am picky but for me my health is important and I prefer to be sure everything is okay!

My next ultrasound is next week at 34 weeks. My OB said it might be the last one. What?… the last one? But I have one more schedule for 36 weeks! He answered that the average for twins is 35 weeks… But I don’t want they come earlier? I want them to stay until 37-38 weeks! He smiled and said that if they come in beginning of November, it will be a bonus… I want a bonus!!! Remember too, I really really want to go to my ceremony on October 26!!

Anyway… I have to face it, if they decide to come, they will come and I will be okay with it… I know everything should be okay now but I would like to bring the girls with me when I will go home and it will not happen if they come earlier that 36-37 weeks. How can we explain to our boy that the girls are not in my tummy now but they are staying in the hospital? We prepare him a lot and now he said that when the babies will go out of mommies tummy, they will go here!  ( and he points to the crib!).

So what I decided is that I am going to be extra careful! I am going to lie down a lot and take it very, very easy!!!

So let’s come back to 33 weeks pregnant with twins!

I am extremely tired (so being extra careful is welcome too!!). I feel big, very big!  I have few stretch marks now in the middle of my belly. I can’t see them properly because of course they are just down enough that I can’t look at them but I can see on the mirror… Still put a lot of oil!

I have no swelling at all! I hope that will stay like this until the end! I walk more and more like a duck and penguin, you choose which one you prefer, and slow like a turtle! More slow than me doesn’t exist!! I can not go fast at all otherwise I lose my breath!!

Oh, on losing my breath. It is often that I am out of breath!

Back pain: Not really. I have some days I had a really bad back pain but it disappeared the next day… Very weird! Actually, it happened twice now and it is the worst day I’ve had so far! My bum is locked and I cannot be straight… so I can’t stay standing up!

My mood, it’s okay… I am kind of happy! There are some days, I feel frustrated but I guess it is normal!

Food craving: nothing this week. I had even no special envy! Even Friday at lunch time, I was wondering what I was going to eat because nothing attracted me! I needed to eat so I had some samosa with salad and cheese and fruits! Later during the day, I had a muffin that my mother in law baked! Very yummy but gave me heartburn each time! SO this time I had it with milk! ah ah ah I fought the heartburn and it didn’t come!! lol!!

Ha, speaking about heartburn… yes I have a lot! And what is weird is sometimes, when I have a glass of milk thinking it will disappear, it makes it worse. So later on I have an orange juice and my heartburn disappears.

Voila for this week… I hope I will write more posts with more weeks pregnant with twins!!!

Questions for you: What were your last few weeks of pregnancy like? Don’t hesitate and don’t be shy to tell us! I am sure people will love to read your comment! And me too because I am very interested by!

33 weeks pregnant with Twins!
33 weeks pregnant with Twins!