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Good bye 2013, Hello 2014

2013 was a rich year for me. If I look at this year, I realize that I never had a year as rich and a varied as 2013. This year, I accomplished a lot of things and I feel I have been very lucky.
I really hope 2014 will be the same!

Let’s summarize a little bit:

First Ultrasound
First Ultrasound

It started in February by getting pregnant. A month later, we discovered that this pregnancy will be different than the first one. We are expecting Twins!

It was not going to be easy as it was a riskier pregnancy and I was often worried but everything went well. Very well I should say!
In 2013, I’m also finishing my second year of the CMA Strategic Leadership program and I had a good group to work with. I graduated 10 days before I gave birth (end of October). It was a good experience. And it was kind of funny to go there with my huge belly!
I gave birth naturally to two breech babies on November 5. And I’m able to completely breastfeed my two babies without difficulty.
On November 19, I passed the citizenship test. I should be a Canadian citizen in 2014.
I bought a mini van and we are enjoying driving around! Mateo specially!!!
I have a cool husband who is actually not my husband yet (but saying my boyfriend doesn’t seem right!!) Maybe 2014 will be a proposition from him 😉
I have a big boy who learn to pee in a potty, sleep in a big bed and learn to express himself in English and French!

My kiddous
My kiddous

And I have two healthy girls that are growing very fast!
I have some very good friends around me (in France and in Canada) that I can count on. Thank you to be my friends.
So thank you 2013. It was rich and I hope 2014 will bring me new rich joys and experiences!

Oh and I just received (December 31, 2013) a letter from the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada. I will take the Oath of Citizenship in January 13th. I am so happy! I am going to be Canadian!

Good bye 2013, welcome 2014! I am looking forward for this new exciting year!!
I wish you all a happy new year 2014. I hope 2014 will be a good year for you 🙂