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Why a Cesarean Birth Plan for Twins? For me it is mainly for two reasons. The first one is that I want my OB, or the other OB what I wish to have. The second one and maybe I should have put it in first is to prepare myself for a cesarean. I was completely scared of cesarean (I can say I am still a little but more for the recovery after than for the surgery) and it helped me to be prepared. I learned a lot by doing it. This birth pan was review by my OB and we spoke a lot about. He also crossed some wishes that were not possible. I took them away on my birth plan that I do not need to put something that cannot happened!

For you, ladies who are afraid or do not want a c-section I really recommend to do this work. It will help you to be ready psychologically in case it has to happen.


Our LastName Cesarean Birth Plan for our Twins


Mother:  Valerie                                                                                                          Partner/ Support:  Andrew
Due Date:  November 21, 2013
Practitioner:  Dr. Henry L. Woo and Commercial Drive Midwives                                  Place of Birth:  BC Women Hospital, Vancouver


This birth plan will be follow only if it is a cesarean birth.

No matter what situation arises during cesarean or postpartum, Andrew and I expect to be an important part of the decision-making team. We expect to take part in any discussion of, and to give permission for, any type of medical intervention being considered.

I would like Dr Hadad as the pediatrician.

We know that a healthy outcome for the babies and me is the main goal.

Thank you for reading it until the end.


During Surgery

  • I do not want sedatives before and after birth. I want to remember my baby’s first day of life (non-drowsy, anti-nausea medications)
  • I would like you make sure all medications are suitable for breastfeeding
  • I want Andrew and my midwife to stay with me at all times, including the medical procedures.
  • I would like nurses evaluate my babies on my chest
  • I would like to keep the placenta for medical purposes
  • Please lower the screen just before delivery so I may see the birth of our baby.
  • I would prefer to have dissolvable stitches
  • I would like some warm blanket during surgery
  • I would like to have at least one arm unrestrained during the procedure, so you have a free arm for skin-to-skin contact after delivery.
  • I would like to see and touch each baby, and have both placed skin-to-skin on my chest.
  • NO use of forceps or a vacuum extractor unless it is necessary
  • I will like to listen my own music during the cesarean
  • I would like the environment to be kept as peace and quiet as possible.
  • I would like someone to take photos or video of the birth

Immediately After Delivery     

  • I would like to keep the placenta for medical purposes
  • I would like to have my partner and I cut the cord.
  • I would like no separation with my babies. I prefer that each baby remain with me in the birth and recovery room, unless a particular baby requires special care due to its medical status.
  • I plan to breastfeed my babies and would like to begin nursing as soon as possible after birth
  • We prefer that the babies’ eyes are not treated with eye drops or ointment.
  • Any physical examinations, tests, procedures of both babies must be taken place in my room.
  • We want that the baths for the babies are delayed until their temperatures are stabilized. In the meantime, we wish that each baby stabilize physical systems via skin to-skin contact on my chest and/or Andrew.


  • Once back in our room to recover and been checked as stable, we would like to be alone with babies to nurse.
  • We would like to keep both babies with us at all times.
  • I prefer post-operative analgesic (pain) medication that allows me to remain alert and able to interact with my babies,
  • If someone arrives to visit, please check with my husband or I as to whether we are ready for company before allowing them in our room.
  • I am willing to be up and walking as soon as possible
  • I would like my Catheter out early the morning after surgery
  • I would like to eat and have the IV removed as soon as possible after surgery
  • I will be nursing on demand and whenever babies are fussy to help stimulate my milk to come in and to soothe Baby.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • If any or all babies require NICU care, I would like to initiate breastfeed or pumping my milk within 1 to 2 hours of birth (as soon as possible). I would like the staff help me if needed. NO Formula No Bottle, Donor milk ok if really needed
  • Co-bedding: If two or more of our babies require NICU care, we would like them to be co-bedded in a single crib as soon as two are medically stable. If it is not possible I would like they are placed side by sided.
  • If any medical intervention is needed, we want to be a part of any discussion.


Thank you for all your help.

And with your cooperation, let’s do an awesome delivery of the girls!

Valerie and Andrew