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33 weeks pregnant with Twins

33 weeks… 4-5 weeks more and we are going to meet our girls! I gained 3 more lbs this weeks with now I’ve gained 38lbs since the beginning! Wow… it starts to be heavy! My belly measures 40.5 cm. ouhh ouuh. Andrew says ” you are getting very big now”!! Yes I AM!!!! I went…

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Expecting Twins! Our reaction

  I was late and I knew I was pregnant. Why? Because I had the same symptoms that I had with Mateo! This cramping like I am going to have my period but it doesn’t come!!  The only way to verify it, was to do a pregnancy test. I remember I did the test on…

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32 weeks pregnant with Twins

32 weeks…yayyy we did it…. it is kind of a milestone!. My next milestone is 34 weeks and after 37 weeks!!! I really hope I will make it until October 27th! Why this date? It is because I really, really would like to go the CMA ceremony on October 26! And I do not want…

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31 weeks pregnant with twins

I am so happy that I passed 30 weeks. Being pregnant with twins is more worrisome than with a singleton! I never was worried with Mateo. With identical twins, there is always a risk of Twin-to-Twin transfusion syndrome which could be dangerous for both babies. And last week, my OB said he was looking forward…

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First Pregnancy – Part 2 – Home Birth version mum

The Birth: Home Birth This is the fun part… the beginning… the birth! This is my version of the home birth, the version of the story from Mom’s perspective! Andrew will tell you his version in the next post (version of Dad)! It is home birth in water: Waterbirth at home! I say fun but…

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The Day Before Mateo

First Pregnancy – Part 1

I would like to share with you my experience of my first pregnancy but particularly the birth. First of all, I would like say that I had no complain during my pregnancy. I never got morning sickness during the first trimester. I only had a strong smell and that bother me a little bit but…

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