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I was late and I knew I was pregnant. Why? Because I had the same symptoms that I had with Mateo! This cramping like I am going to have my period but it doesn’t come!!  The only way to verify it, was to do a pregnancy test. I remember I did the test on a weekend that I had my two day class for the CMA. I will not tell you the reaction of Andrew! His first sentence wasn’t “whaouu cool!” (even I am sure he was happy!) but it was “great… no more sleeping… again!!!”

So I called my midwives and told them I was back!!! I went to see them and we ordered a nuchal ultrasound for 12 weeks. We did an nuchal ultrasound because I wanted to have a screening-for-down-syndrome (I am over 35 years old!).

I’ve got morning sickness from morning to night (but just nauseous and never vomiting!) which I never had with Mateo. I also had a huge smelling problem! Everything was smelling too much! And the worst, I was hyper tired,  like overtired!

One night, I said to Andrew, it must be a girl because I really don’t feel the same as my first pregnancy!

And then the night before we were having the ultrasound, I read an article about twins. I remembered because as I was reading, I was thinking that for sure we do not have twins because I do not have any of what they said!

Here is what I read:

When twin pregnancy is more likely

  • For women over 30 years of age. ok I am
  • In women who are taller than average, the odds are higher for having a twin pregnancy than for those of average or shorter height. I am not taller than average!!
  • Women who are overweight with a BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate) of >25 Completely the opposite! I will say that I was underweight with a BMI <18!!
  • If you have a history of already having twins or if there are twins in your biological family e.g. your mother, aunts or sisters have had non-identical (fraternal) twins. No twins on my side!
  • If you have had fertility assistance to conceive. No fertility assistance
  • If you are of African American descent. No I am not
  • For women who have been pregnant previously. Ya ok I have been pregnant once (with my boy)!

Symptoms of twin pregnancy

  • Some women will “just know” they are pregnant with twins. This may be before they have even had confirmation that they are pregnant. They may dream, sense or have a vision or inherent belief that they are pregnant with twins. No I dreamed that I was having another boy!
  • Feeling very nauseous from early in the pregnancy. This is sometimes so extreme that the mother finds it difficult to tolerate anything but the blandest, easiest to digest foods.  I was more nauseous but it wasn’t extreme! I think some women must feel the same even they have just a singleton!
  • Extreme intolerance to foods, smells, textures and appearance of some foods. Commonly meat, seafood, coffee and tea are the first substances to be found repugnant. Not really. I had some intolerance to smells but It was not extreme!
  • The uterus is “large for dates” which reflects the fact that two embryos, rather than one is present. Didn’t feel larger!
  • Extreme breast tenderness – to the point where it may be too uncomfortable to wear a bra. Didn’t get that at all
  • Wanting and needing to pass urine much more frequently. Although urinary urgency is a common early pregnancy symptom, when pregnant with twins, this is much more magnified. I didn’t have that at all.
  • Utter exhaustion and a feeling of being unable to get through each day. This again, is a common pregnancy symptom but is exacerbated during a twin pregnancy. It is true I was extremely tired.
  • Some women will experience more uterine cramping which is not associated with any blood loss. Nope. I didn’t experience it!
  • A sense that your heart has to work harder than it usually does. I didn’t have this sense at all.
  • Moodiness, being prone to tears and feeling mentally unstable. Again, labile moods are a common pregnancy symptom, but when pregnant with twins, they tend to be more extreme. Lol! I didn’t have that right away! But I confirm it came later!!!

So after reading these signs, I was like “one thing is sure that we are not expecting twins!!!” (I was wrong!!!)

So the next day, We go to the ultrasound and the technician said to us that she is going to do all the measurements and she will show us the baby after. Andrew was kind of lucky he could watch what she was doing!

He was sitting, kind of leaning back in his chair and enjoying the tv! And suddenly he leaned forward to look more closely because he was surprised how quickly she can move the wand! He could see the baby and then all of sudden the baby flipped around. He said later he just thought she was twisting the wand quickly…

Suddenly she stopped and looked at us and said,” Normally, We do not do this but as your husband is looking, he is going to see before you. And I think you should both know at the same time that there are two babies in there!”

“What?!!!”  What did you say?”

“Ya congratulations, you are going to have twins!”

And we are both saying “No No No it is not possible”. I had tears on my face.. But as I am very sensitive I would have had tears just by looking at the baby!

I couldn’t believe it! It was unbelievable. Like it is even difficult to say the feeling that I felt! It was kind of joy, worry, shock… Like for sure we were shocked!

And me after a minute, I looked at Andrew and said “good thing we just got a  6 man tent!” and we all laughed!

After the ultrasound, we were calling and sending texts to everybody that… “We got a good price: two for one!”

For a couple of days, I was overwhelmed and very worried because of the financial part. We are not rich and every thing will be different. But after these couple of days, I accepted it and started to be excited about the idea of having twins!

And since then I am very, very happy to be pregnant with twins!