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The Everything Twins, Triplets, and More Book: From pregnancy to delivery and beyond–all you need to enjoy your multiples

by Pamela Fierro

The Everything Twins, Triplets, and More Book

For my first pregnancy, I bought quite a few books because I wasn’t completely satisfied with my knowledge and also I was a first time mom so I knew nothing about what to expect!

For my twins pregnancy, I just bought one book and this is the one.

I really liked it. I found it was complete with its 20 different chapters.

The author, Pamela Fierro, is a mom of identical twins so she knows from experience what to talk about.

At the beginning of the book, she explains what do you need to know about twins and multiples and the different types of twins. I learned a lot about twins from this book. Do you know what is a zygosity or dizygotic or monozygotic? I didn’t know at this time!

Then, she speaks about the different trimesters: the first, middle and final. It could have been maybe more developed but I think it is good enough.

The book also teaches us how to have a healthy pregnancy, the different type of  medical care you can / will have, the complications with twins or multiples, bed rest, preterm labor… and more.

What I liked in this book is that as each chapter ends, there is a summary or a review of the chapter. I feel it emphasized what I read and made is stronger.

The author doesn’t say her opinions but just explain each topic.

People who already have kids, they might say that they did know a lot of this information already. But I really think the book is perfect for people expecting twins or triplets or more! Of course delivering a baby or babies is almost the same so I didn’t learn so much but there were still some points that refreshed my mind.

I really recommend this book. There are more books but with this one, I didn’t feel the need to read more books. For me it is a complete source of the information I needed.