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Yayyyy a new milestone! 34 weeks is cool!

Babies who are born at 34 weeks do not have long term health problems. They still have their lungs not fully developed but if they decide to come, it will be okay! They might stay a couple of weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to gain some weight but it will be not so stressful that it would have beeen in an earlier stage. My next milestone will be 37 weeks.


I went for my ultrasound today and the technician scared me! the first thing she said when she looked at the girls was “oh dear!” a few times…. I am like freaking out believing there is something wrong with the girls. She said “I do not know which one is it?” I am like why you can’t say where is baby A and Baby B? Come on!!! But in fact, it is because the girls are on the top of each others! Yes they have both heads next to each other and baby A was behind baby B! So the “oh dear!” was just because she is going to have hard time to measure Baby A. She is hiding behind her sister!!!


Anyway after more than one hour of measuring and heard so many times… “sheesse” while putting more gel on my belly, the babies look healthy!

The estimated weight for baby A is 5.51lbs (2.5kg) and for baby B is 5.07lbs (2.3kg). It looks like baby B is catching up to baby A!! Before it was 300g difference and now it is just 200g! Good job girls!! Of course, you have to take into consideration they could be off. It is an estimation of measurement!

I hope the technician didn’t mix up baby A and baby B!!! No pic… We can’t see anything anyway!

My weighed gained is 39 lbs. I am still in the “petite” size! all my weight is in my belly… okay I will say  80% in my belly and 20% in the other parts of my body!!! 😉 But there are 10lbs of just  babies!!! The contractions are getting stronger. They have increased in intensity but also in frequency! Now I have to stop moving until its over.

I am getting more and more tired very quick. That I think it is my biggest challenge! I need to lie down a lot more and it can be frustrating! Oh and my brain is not working!

The nights were okay until last night! It’s been a while since I had a bad night like that! I had a lot of needles in the perinea area! Not too fun. I hope it is not a sign that they will come soon!

I have no swollen ankles. My body is still not swelling! I hope it will not start now!

I still have heartburn… It’s more at night than during the day. And it’s really depends on what I eat! It’s weird! Every night I have 1-2-3 glasses of milk… I haven’t had so much milk since I was a kid!
The stretch marks are the same… I think they are the same! I hope they are the same! It’s difficult to see because the only way I can see them is by looking the mirror! They are just above my belly button but just under the point I can see them directly! I need the mirror! I’m applying a lot of oil but with my belly getting bigger and bigger, my skin needs to stretch and it’s getting very thin! Soon we will be able to see both babies just by looking at my tummy! Lol!!

My tummy is hard but as my midwife says, it’s just babies here! Where is my fat? On my bum!! Ha ha ha!!

Voila for the 34 weeks pregnant with Twins! See you at 35 weeks! Between now and then there will be more posts!

My mood is good for a heavy pregnant woman! I’m still complaining but first of all I’m pregnant (with twins! Double shots!) and I’m a woman so it’s normal to complain!! Lol!

Stay tuned!
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34 weeks pregnant with Twins
34 weeks pregnant with Twins

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    • Todd

      My thoughts are that with a pregnant belly that big and shapely you should have lifted your shirt and bared that BEAUTIFUL belly for all of us to see!!! Now why did you NOT lift your shirt and bare that BEAUTIFUL belly for all of us to see?!!!!! All I have to say now is SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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