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37 weeks and 4 days pregnant with twins

Crazy Itchiness

I have this itchiness everywhere on my body from my toes to hair! And I can’t deal with it anymore!!
I take showers, put some cream, tried an oatmeal bath, put cold compress… Nothing works. Or it’s a relief for 5 minutes and as soon as I go to bed, it’s itchy again…

I’m exhausted tonight. I didn’t sleep last night… Only 2 hours… And when finally I was starting to calm down and fall asleep there is my little boy starting to cry!

Better safe than sorry

My feet started to really swell. So I’m getting some worries now! I don’t feel babies the same way too.
And to add to that, I put something in one of FB twins group and they really scared me. They just gave me their experiences but some were not very happy endings. I will not say more because I do not want to scare someone and there is no point to do it in my opinion.

Please if you have these symptoms, go to check with your OB or midwife but don’t put messages on groups.
I noticed that the itchiness is worse at night and it will depend of what I ate. Friday we went out for our last date before the birth and the food was yummy but very rich (salty, fatty…) and the night was horrible for itchiness after.

It’s been a week now that I’m still itchy and it’s worse and worse.

I called my midwife and she suggested to have an assessment.

So last night I said to Andrew we need to go to check on these babies. I called my friend Jessica to ask her if she can come to look after Mateo when he is asleep. She is so cool with us (she is also very excited for the arrival of the girls!!) and she was there in less than 20 minutes. She also lent us her car which was extremely nice.

So we are driving and of course we realized we drove too far. We turned on 41st instead of 31 st and we are now in 48th when Andrew realized it was behind!! Lol!!

First Assessment

So finally we are at BC Womans hospital. It’s for us the first time we went to BC Womans hospital for assessment! (We have never been to a hospital for Mateo.)
One person asked me a ton of questions and then I registered and then they put us in this room closed by curtains! It’s like in gray’s anatomy!! Lol! Ya I’ve never been to a hospital in Canada before!

Anyway, they made me pee in a cup (which is normal procedure) and asked me to put the gown on as we are going to check on babies.

They put three belts on me. One for each baby and one to measure contractions. The nurse was very nice and very smiley! Very good!

Listening hearts of the babies
Listening hearts of the babies

She had to be sure we found two hearts and not the same one to follow so it took a little while. They don’t have a portable ultrasound.

After that 2 other people ( the resident and the 3rd year medical student) came and asked me questions. Same questions… They are checking if there is something wrong or not?

And then they left us for a while. My body is less itchy. But my bum started to burn by staying in the same position. After almost 2 hours, the nurse came back to do a blood test. We are wondering why they didn’t do it earlier as we have to wait for the result which can take an hour. The Resident came and said that babies are fine so no worries and we are just waiting for the blood results. They took away the belt and I can finally move and put my clothes back on. Andrew left to buy something to eat before it’s too late.

He came back with big sandwiches and fruits. When you are starving everything is yummy (I’m not sure I would like it if I wasn’t starving! Lol!!)

We were eating when the OB came to speak to us. She said that everything looks ok so far and the first part of the blood test is good. They were still waiting for the liver function blood test to come back. She proposed to us to go home and if there is a problem, they will call us. So we did! It took from 8:30pm to 11 pm for the assessment! I’m exhausted and want to sleep!!!

No News is Good News… but we have some news.

1/2 hour later they call us back and left a message because I missed the call. No… they found something…
So I call back and they said I have cholostrasis which is a liver disfunction and creates extra bile that goes into my body. It’s not dangerous for the Mom but could be for the girls. So they said we need to induce labour.

“I have to speak to my OB”, I said, “I will call him tomorrow morning. They gave me the results that I can give him and prescribed me a drug which I need to pick up.
I called my midwife this morning and she said we need to induce asap but it is very busy so it could be tomorrow. Afterwards, I called my OB (who answered right away) and said we can wait a little as he suspects I will go into labour very, very soon anyway as I’m already 2 cm dilated. He proposed me to come Monday to do a no stress test.
It’s kind of scary. So we decided to try to induce labour naturally. I have an appointment for acupuncture tonight and we will try it. I prefer to get the labour going naturally than with the injection of oxytocin which creates a more painful and longer labour and has a huge probability to finish with a c-section.
I’ll let you know soon the result…
I’m taking it easy this afternoon because the night could be a long night and need to rest to the maximum.