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37 weeks pregnant with twins!

Happy Halloween everybody!!! I’m so happy that my milestone is finally here: 37 weeks pregnant with twins!! Yahoooo I did it! They did it!!!!
I’m so happy and it’s Halloween!!!
As OB said they are full term!

I would like to say thank you to the girls! I was able to go to my graduation ceremony and it was nice to see everybody!
It was funny because some didn’t see me for a while so they didn’t see my belly!! The first reaction from all was “Whao”! It was kind of funny!! And people (who I didn’t know) came to me and asked me when I’m due!! I told them in a few weeks but it can be now too!!! Ha ha ha the look on their faces!! That made me laugh a lot!!!

It was really cool to be able to go!! I bought a dress special for the occasion!! I might wear it again this Friday for my last date with Andrew before the girls come!

At the end of the night, I was very tired and for the first time my ankles were swollen… Oh nooo ! But it is normal after almost all day on my feet with heels!!
This swelling almost disappeared the next morning! I still am a tiny bit swollen but it is not even noticeable!!!

This week my complaint is my itchiness! Grrrr that makes me upset because if I didn’t have that, everything would be fine! No back pain nothing just this itchiness!!!

I did some blood tests which are normal for a pregnant woman. It shows a little bit that my body is on stress due to the pregnancy! But It’s normal with more than 40lbs gained in 8 months and two babies in there!!!

The problem with this itchiness is that I can’t sleep. Last night I was putting some cold water on my body. It felt cold but kind of relieved the itchiness for few minutes until it’s back!!! Grrrr let me sleep!! Tonight I’m going to do an oatmeal bath. I hope it will help!
Sunday night I had an awesome sleep and I can really feel the difference the next day! Hummm sleep deprivation is going to be tough on me!!! I can tell already!!!

My belly measures 45 cm. It didn’t gain more! I guess it’s difficult to stretch more!!!! The girls must be so squeezed inside that it must not be comfortable for them!!

My blood pressure went down a little with 110/80.

I gained 1.8 lbs this week and I can feel it!!!

My cervix is open to 2 cm and my OB said they should come within a week… (I still have an appointment for next week with him!)

It’s the first time today I asked for help to put my socks and my boots on (it’s raining in Vancouver!).
My little boy was very cute and helped me to put on my socks! It was adorable!! He is a such a nice boy!
Andrew helped me for the boots! Ya I can’t bend down anymore! My belly is in the way and I can’t go over!!!!

Voila tonight is Halloween! We are going to Halloween carnival and do trick or treat with my little pirate! It’s going to be fun!!

My Little Pirate
My Little Pirate


So as the girls are full term, it means that there is a very little chance they go to NICU! And normally they should come home with us!
I really hope so! I’m hoping they will not have problems with their blood sugar.
We will see when they decide to come!!!
For now I will have to walk more and do some movement that I help them to drop on my pelvis otherwise they will stay for ever!!!

Oh I almost forgot! I received an invitation to do the citizenship test!! Yahoooo that is cool! The only thing is that it is in 3 weeks! Ya it’s going to be tough!! I’m studying now and tried to accumulate maximum now before I’m too busy and too tired!!
What accomplishments this year! I can’t believe it!! I struggled for few years but it pays back! Thank you!!!

I’m not sure we will have a 38 weeks pregnant with twins… But maybe… Or it will be the story of the delivery! Who knows?!! The girls!!
Please little girls wait until daddy doesn’t have the cold.   In a few days it should be okay!!!



Update: I’m having a lot of contractions tonight! They feel a little different but I’m wondering if it’s because my OB checked my cervix and it is because of that!!
One of my friends, Jessica, is persuaded that I’m going to have the girls tomorrow!! We will see soon if she is right!!
Andrew’s parents are on call too!! I hope they are not waiting in front of the phone!!
Let’s have a sleep and we will see!

Trick or Treat!

37 weeks pregnant with twins - Happy Halloween!
37 weeks pregnant with twins – Happy Halloween!