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Maeva and Miya are 2 weeks old

So what is new from last week? A lot and nothing!
First I can tell you that these girls are poo machines…. They like to poo for sure!
Miya and Maeva

Sometimes we change them and 2 minutes later we can hear them pooing!! Andrew can’t even believe it!! Lol
They like to eat but when I tried to do tandem feed them I noticed that they prefer to have a one and one feed! Maybe I don’t position them well so sometimes they cough… It’s hard to tandem feed them even with a tandem feeding pillow!
Last night I didn’t do any tandem feeds and on top of that they were not on the same schedule. I found it was easier for me and they slept better! I calculated that I slept from 11pm to 6:30am almost 5.5 hours and I breastfeed 7 times during this period! They don’t eat a lot each time (10 min to 15 min) each. I didn’t feel tired this morning. My body is starting to be accustomed to wake up a lot! During the night I’m always afraid to fall sleep when one is eating!

Until now I was studying for my citizenship test but now I don’t know what I will do!! Lol!!
Anyway, the difference between week 1 to week 2 is that they ask me for food more often! Before it was every 3 hours but now it can be sometime between 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours. I also feel that if I go to the room when they are sleeping they smell the good milk and wake up!! Very cool when I sleep next to them at night!!!
They still love to be together and touch each other!
Maeva and Miya together

They are still sleeping a lot in their crib. We just bought a bouncer but they didn’t go in yet! (We got it yesterday!)
We finally decided to buy a changing table! Why? Because our station was on our coffee table and it was killing my back each time! And it’s kind of easier when we stand up!!! I’m glad we bought it even we both got frustrated when we assembled it! I love to do this kind of stuff but this time it was hard!
We didn’t go out yet with the girls! I’m kind of protective of them! It’s flu and cold season and I prefer to wait for a while!
I went outside with my little boy and Andrew looked after them and vise versa!
I still feel it’s easier than with my first one! Is it because I’m used to?  Maybe! Less stress? Ya for sure!!!!
The only thing more complicated is when they cry at the same time! It’s difficult to take two babies at the same time!! We manage well I think!


For myself: I’m losing weight way too fast even though I eat like an ogre! I feel I eat more than when I was pregnant!! I gained more than 50lbs during my pregnancy and I’m now 13lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight. I don’t want to lose more actually because I found that I was too thin before but I’m wondering how I’m going to deal with it! I’m eating like crazy and I’m still losing weight. Okay… breastfeeding is taking a lot of energy and I guess it is normal with two girls who like to eat often! As soon as they finish to eat I go to eat myself and drink a glass of water!
So imagine a little bit…

I breastfeed between 10-12 times each girl (so an average of 15-20 times total with tandem feeding) and I eat after almost each feeding (even at night with banana and milk!). It means I eat a lot! The best is that now I can eat my blue cheese and almost everything I missed before!!

I still have a small soccer ball on my tummy. It’s due to a very large Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation). It’s larger than my hand…
I have to do some exercises and see a physiotherapist next week. In the mean time I have to wear a belt which I found very sexy!! Lol!!! (Hey that was just a sarcastic joke!)
I’m lucky that Andrew doesn’t see it!!! Ha ha ha!!!

Voila, tomorrow Andrew is going back to work and it’s going to change again! He helps me a lot for changing the girls and preparing some delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner! Thank you also to grandma for bringing us some dinner (we got beef stew, lentil soup and more…) and it really helps us big time!!
I think the most challenging in the future will be to prepare lunch and dinner. Specially for the next 2 months as I want to avoid busy places where there is a lot of germs! So I will avoid doing grocery shopping with the girls!!

My boy:


It is still challenging for him… poor little boy. He is getting better and better and it really depends on the situation! It is weird sometimes! He is super cool, we play together and suddenly he changes… For no apparent reason.
This morning I said to him that he doesn’t need to get jealous because mommy loves her big boy through and through! I love him yesterday, today and tomorrow too!!
But his behaviour sometimes is surprising and we can’t really let it go.  It’s getting better and loves his sisters for sure as he wants to kiss them all the time!
If we ask him to help us, he is very proud to be a big boy! It’s awesome to watch!
So I’m not sure if the bad behaviour is always related to the girls…
We will see! I really, really hope he doesn’t suffer too much.
“I really, really love you Mateo and you will  always be my proud boy!”

Last Sunday was the prematurity day and I wore a purple shirt for it. We were lucky that the girls didn’t go to NICU but I really feel for the Moms that experienced it or still do. So I participated in one way to support them.

Voila for the week! See you soon for more and new adventures!!