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Maeva and Miya are one month old…

Time flies so fast… I can’t believe it’s been a month already!

Maeva (right) and Miya (left)
Maeva (right) and Miya (left)


Life is busy… like very busy!
The girls gained weight from last week. It was about 250g for Miya and 330g for Maeva! What a relief!
I think it is because everybody is more calm at home. Mateo is getting better everyday and he doesn’t have these crazy tantrums anymore! He still whines a little bit but it’s completely manageable!
The girls eat better for sure! I could feel it and I knew they will be fine!
For their first month, they got a gift from their brother! I’m not sure it is a good gift though! It’s a cold! Already their first cold… Poor girls!
They still eat so I’m not too worried! Sometimes I have to wake them up but after that they still eat.
I hope it will get better soon
So as I said earlier life is crazy!
Here is an example: On Monday, Andrew had an appointment and he had to leave home very early. He couldn’t bring Mateo at daycare and I also had an appointment for the physio at woman’s hospital. So I had to get ready, to prepare Mateo for daycare (prepare his lunch, change him, put his shoes…) and I have to prepare the girls, changed them, breastfeed them…

Maeva sleeping :)
Maeva sleeping 🙂


I asked my father in law to come to drive us (thank you Kevin!). But he was late due to an accident on the road. I was thinking to bring Mateo at daycare with the girls but he doesn’t want to walk so how do I do with one double stroller and three kids? It’s not possible so I had to wait for Kevin. In the meantime I had to breastfeed so it was okay!
As soon as he arrived, I ran to daycare and dropped Mateo. He was a little sad that I don’t stay. I ran home. I went up, took the bases for the car seat and ran down to attach them. I went up to put the girls in the car seats… and we left… We arrived just in time for the session. I could finally relax in the car! It’s hard to prepare three kids, lunch and myself …



I’m wondering when they will be older how we are going to deal with it! I guess Mateo will put on his own clothes and will go by himself to the toilet without needing me!
For their birthday, they gave me a big present: 16 feedings for the day with only 2 tandems feedings! I can tell you it’s exhausting and busy! I couldn’t do anything! I had my shower at 4pm between two cries. I had to run to eat and drink water!
Oh ya speaking about water! I’m drinking more than 4 litres a day minimum!

All twins mom said that it’s getting better and better! I’m looking forward to that  because it’s tiring and I really want to be able to do something outside!
Voila for the first month!


I can say after a month, I really bonded with my girls and I really love my three children and my man! I feel very lucky and I wish everybody the same!

Maeva (left0 and Miya (right) are already inseparable!
Maeva (left0 and Miya (right) are already inseparable!