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Pediatrician for the girls!

What an expedition to see the pediatrician. But I’m glad I did it because it actually made me more confident to go out for a walk with the girls! I’m still going to wait until the 8 weeks mark but I’m able to go if I really really need it!!!
So this morning I had to go to the pediatrician… So I have to be ready and to make sure that the girls will not cry like crazy because they are hungry!
Everything is timing! My appointment is at 9:15am. Ok, so I need to leave at 8:50 max to be there 5 minutes in advance… Ok, so I need to breastfeed both just before we go…

Maeva and Miya in the stroller
Maeva and Miya in the stroller

5 min to prepare them on the stroller each, 5 minutes for me to make sure I don’t forget something… Ok, so I need to finish breastfeeding by 8:35am max!
Ya I know I’m good with calculations! Lol, no… but I want my girls to be feeling well and not fussy!
Anyway, we went there on time, I even waited a little bit…
My pediatrician is Dr Hadad and I really like him (he is also Mateo’s pediatrician so I know him) …
I had to book an appointment for the 6 weeks mark but the assistant wanted that I see Dr. Hadad at the end of January! I insisted that it has to be earlier because I knew about the ultrasound stuff! She finally booked for Friday the 13th

So the girls are actually gaining weight nicely! They gained  600g each in 2 weeks!
Maeva is now 4200g and Miya is 3620g. Miya is still the petite one!
We didn’t go to the pediatrician to check their weight (even it’s important at this age!), we went to check their hips. Yes, as they were born breech and transverse so we want to be sure that everything is fine. Because if there is a problem and it is not resolved fast, they might have a problem to walk forever…
He said by looking at them (he moved their legs everywhere…) it should be fine but to be 100% sure we have to do an ultrasound.
I asked the assistant how long it will take to get the ultrasound and she said a while and we can have an appointment by the end of January… I’m like, really? Lucky me, Dr. Hadad just came outside and said to book the ultrasound should be fast and I’m like but she just said it will be long!
He looked at her and said no it has to be by the 6 week mark because it’s important to check quickly … Grr this assistant…
So hopefully I will have an appointment soon!


So just for parents with kids in Vancouver, if you want to have a pediatrician, I really recommend Dr. Hadad. You need a referral from your family doctor. When your doctor faxes the referral, you should call to make sure they receive it… it is just because of the assistant. My doctor sent a few referrals and she always said they never received it… Also when you know the referral was sent, don’t hesitate to call…

Tel: 604-602-0931
Fax: 604-602-0932

Ah and also call even before to ask if he is on time! Don’t be in a rush… he is never on time! Dr. Hadad is very nice and answers all your questions.

Oh, before I end my post, I want to say thank you to Bev for her help. She came with me to the doctor appointment and even she didn’t do a lot, it was very very helpful! So thank you Bev for coming today!
I need to mentioned that I know Bev since I arrived in Canada (2007). She was my landlord and we became very good friends. She was and still is here when I need to speak. I can say it’s my Canadian mom! I really love her and Andrew and Mateo love her too! Anyway if you knew her, you will love her! Everybody loves Bev!


update: ultrasound January 23rd, 2014 🙁