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imageSeparating our twins at night – Part 2

I think my girls sleep better separated. I can tell you we battle at night. I think both don’t want to be separated and there are a lot of cries.
We still put Miya on the swing. Maeva settles faster with a tummy massage and a booby!
Ya… I don’t listen to people and I help my girls to sleep with my booby… It works great and I think it is less stressful for them!
I don’t do it right away but I do it if nothing works!
The nights are getting better but I don’t want to be too happy yet as it changes very often… and the 6 month mark is going to arrive soon and it means growth spurts soon again 🙁
But last night Maeva woke up at 11:30pm and at 4 am and again at 6:10 am and Miya (the best this time) had her first feed at 7pm and then 3:20am and the last feed at 6:20am. So I was just up for 1 hour from 3:20 am to 4:20 am. Ok I went to bed again at 10pm and woke up for 15 minutes at 11:30pm but really compared to a week ago it is 100 times better!!
Maybe I could try to let go Maeva at 11:30pm but she was speaking too loud and I heard Miya moving and I didn’t want her to wake up! But next time I will try to use white noise to cover her blabla…
It is weird because we had the bed time working perfectly with no babies crying and since Miya started to complain due to teeth pain, everything went off…
No, No I will not let both my girls alone screaming in bed… (Andrew will not mind at all actually but I can’t do it). I let them cry a little bit but as soon as it changes to a screaming cry, I go to them.
For me ( it is my opinion and people can think differently which is ok), if they scream it is because there is something bothering them. Maybe they are scared (especially that they are no longer together in the bed), or they have a burp (which is very often even we burp them before) or they are too tired and need help to settle or something else.
But really, inside of me, I have something that stresses me if I hear them screaming. My attitude will suddenly change and I am getting nervous. So my patience becomes limited…
It is just me. I don’t like to let my babies cry. I never did for Mateo and he sleeps well at night with no major problems.
Mommy and Daddy don’t react the same. Andrew will let them cry, but he will also let them cry when he wants to read his email! I think he doesn’t even hear them! It doesn’t bother him at all!
For me, it is the opposite. I will stop what I am doing to see what is happening.
Ok, I am stopping here because I am not on the topic anymore!
So to conclude, I can say it is way better since we separated the girls!
Miya & Maeva
Maeva & Miya

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    • Shelley Wong

      I always thought I was the only one in the world with twins and a toddler! It’s nice to find this blog:) I put my girls to sleep together when they were 4 months old due to lack of rooms and surprisingly they slept well together but I do use a white noise machine. Now they are 2 yrs old and still sleep together and I don’t think they would want to be apart! It’s lovely to witness when they babble and play with each other from their cots:) I do agree that it’s stressing to hear them cry. I use a video monitor so I don’t go in unneccesarily and wake the other one up! I let them cry abit but it’s really your instincts and whatever you are comfortable with:) my boy is now 3 as well and they all play together…not nicely at times but it’s a great thing to have all your kids close in age. Tiring but I think it’s worth it!

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