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Two bottom Teeth for my girls – Welcome to the world of teething!

My twins girls don’t really drool (just a little bit) but they are biting everything !!! And when I say everything it is everything! Miya this morning grabbed a paper on the table (even though it was far away from her…) and started to eat it (it was Andrew’s bank statement – very good to eat!)!

Poor girls, they have been very cranky lately. Between constipation and teething, they are not very lucky!!


They wake up a lot during night and I am thinking it is not because they are hungry, it is more because they have pain. They need a pacifier to feel better and they use mommy for that! Extra cuddles when we have pain, it is good and normal!! But for me it is very tiring!!! But I am thinking it is a stage they have to go through so I have to deal with it!! I am glad last night I went to bed at 8:30pm! Because this morning I am okay. Tired but not exhausted as I was yesterday!!

So the girls are teething and both girls got their two front teeth at the same time! If I put my finger theree I can feel them as they pop up and they are very sharp.

We didn’t really put their amber necklaces on lately. I really believe in it and I will recommend it to everyone but with two babies, they grab each other and I am afraid of choking… so I put them on their ankles but I forgot to put it on lately.

So if you google teething symptom, you will find that symptom most likely to trouble a teether include:

  • Drooling (which can lead to a facial rash)- The girls don’t have it too much. When they bite on something, saliva goes out!!
  • Gum swelling and sensitivity – Yes, it has been like this for a while now. And the girls really like it when I put a finger in their mouth and I massage their gums.

    Miya doesn't want to show you her teeth!
    Miya doesn’t want to show you her teeth!
  • Irritability or fussiness – Oh ya… poor girls and poor us!! It is not very funny to watch them fussy or irritable even after a nap. Yesterday, I wanted to have a nap (daddy was home to look after them) but I couldn’t because they were so cranky that I couldn’t sleep! I am wondering how Mateo can have a nap with this noise!! (He slept 2 hours no problem!!)
  • Biting behaviour – unfortunately they have this behabiour! They bite my booby and now they have their teeth out, I am getting worried about that.. Because it was already painful but with two sharp teeth, I don’t even want to think about it!!!
  • Refusing food – Maeva doesn’t refuse anything… she loves eating! Miya maybe but yesterday afternoon I lay her down and feed her and she ate everything. But it might be because of the teeth she doesn’t eat as much!! She still likes her mommy milk every two hours!!
  • Sleep problems – yup for sure they have this problem… And I can tell you it is not easy for me!!! This morning after waking up every 2 hours, they were both awake at 4am… And they didn’t want to fall back to sleep until 5:30am and not for long… They are having a long nap now on their bouncer! I think they prefer to be in the bouncer than completely lying down for nap. It might be due to reflux, or teeth or I don’t really know! But for the past week, I can’t put them in the bed for the morning nap. They don’t want to sleep until I put them in the bouncer…

Voila, so both front bottom teeth are coming out for their 7 month mark! And they are sharp!!!

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    • Laura

      My girls are teething as well but they have TONS of drool! By mid morning the front if each of them is soaked. I can see some of the teeth coming but nothing yet. Not looking forward to nursing and teeth!

      • TheVJamin

        Nursing and teething is definitely not very fun! It will be my next post!! I can say their teeth are small but sharp!!!

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